PFI and PFI/FBI Futures Working Group Publications


The National Police Foundation, in collaboration with the Society of Police Futurists International (PFI) and the Futures Working Group (FWG)—an entity previously developed and supported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)—has developed a new publication for law enforcement leaders on futures thinking in policing.


Scherer, J. A. and Jarvis, J. P. (Eds.).(2011). The Future of Law Enforcement: A Consideration of Potential Allies and Adversaries. Volume 7: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group. Quantico, VA.

Myers, R., Schafer, J. and Levin, B. (2010). Police Decision-Making: A Futures Perspective. Futures Working Group Vol 1. No. 2. Quantico VA.

Schafer, J. A. and Boyd, S., Eds. (2010). Advancing Police Leadership: Considerations, Lessons Learned, and Preferable Futures. Volume 6: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group. Quantico VA.

Finnie, T., Petee, T. and Jarvis, J., Eds. (2010). Future Challenges of Cybercrime. Volume 5: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group, Quantico VA.

O’Dea, M. and Jarvis, J., Eds. (2008). The Police and The Military: Future Challenges and Opportunities in Public Safety. Volume 4: Proceedings of the Futures Working Group. Quantico, Virginia.

Buerger, M., Gardner, K., Levin, B. and Jackson, J. (2008). Incorporating Local Police Agencies into a National Intelligence Network. Futures Working Group White Paper Vol. 1. No. 1. Quantico, VA.

Schafer, J., Ed. (2007). Policing 2020: Exploring the Future of Crime, Communities, and Policing. Quantico VA: Futures Working Group.

Schafer, J. and Carter, D. (2007). The Future of Law Enforcement Intelligence. Quantico VA: Futures Working Group.

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Intelligence and Analysis

Olligschlaeger, Andreas M. (1997) "Spatial Analysis of Crime Using GIS-Based Data: Weighted Spatial Adaptive Filtering and Chaotic Cellular Forecasting with Applications to Street Level Drug Markets" (Public Policy), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Osborne, Deborah, (2006) Out of Bounds: Innovation and Change in Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis: Center for Strategic Intelligence Research, Joint Military College: Police Futurists International